Welcome to the first Afghan DJ site

Welcome to Afghan-DJ.com. Now that Afghan music is rising back from a grave music artist are popping all over the world! As you know Afghan people love afghan partyís but what is a party without music? Most of the singers who make a party worth visiting are quite expensive. Thats why this site is built. Our goal: let people know what Afghan DJís are and what they can provide for afghan partyís. So people in need of Afghan DJís all over the world can find their DJís here! This site quite new so if you have any questions dont hesitate and contact me. Our services are already available for people in Holland, Germany and all the other places where we have DJ's. So folks in need of an Afghan DJ donít hesitate and contact us.


Hope everybody had a great summer, we are back from bein offline!Afghan DJ was hacket and is now back online! Afghan DJ is looking for Admins, IT's and commercial volunteers! Anyone who has interrest please contact on the contract page!