Welcome to Filming

What's a party or wedding that you only experience one's?
Now it is possible to hire a filming crew so you can have a DVD of your party in the best quality.

You can order a film crew with a DJ or separately.
These are the possibilities:

1. Recording with one digital camera
2. Or for more dynamic angelís there can be more digital cameraís

1. Filming in DV quality
2. Filming in Full-HD quality

1. Tripods & Supporters
2. Cranes
3. Cranes + Dolly

1. Lights sets
2. Projectors/Beamers

† Please fill in the contact form specificly with the options you want!

Sample work:

Masih Nazir - Ishq Ast

Faryad - Jalil shabahang

Masood Nazir - Commercial