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DJ Lastname From Rank Price-Class Regio of work Join Date Style
DJRokket XLTurkey12Benelux2009-08-31RnB,Hiphop, Turkish, Latin.
DJ RoshanAfghanistan11Netherlands2009-11-05Afghan, Persian, Arabic
DJBaktashAfghanistan21Netherlands2009-11-30Afghan, Reggeaton, R&B
DJOmeadIran11California2009-12-04Persian, Afghan, American, International
DJEnayat USA22New York,Virginia2010-01-06Afghan, Hindi, Spanish, English and more
DJJaweidUSA22Virginia2010-01-06Afghan, Hindi, Spanish, English and more
DJ AlmasCanada22Toronto, Ontario2010-02-17Afghan, Persian, Hip Hop, House & Electr
DJmuji'ADenmark22Denmark, Copenhagen2010-04-16Afghan & House
DJDaoudUSA32San Francisco2010-09-19Afghan, Persian, Indian, Bollywood, Hous
DJRaqsUSA11California2011-06-18Afghan, Arab, Hindi, Persian, Tabla
DJ Faisal Nederland22Netherlands2012-04-20Afghan, House, Latine, Moombahton
DJRashed Canada22Toronto & GTA2012-10-29Afghan, Persian and Urban
DJRubinUSA23New York area2013-07-16Afghan, Irani, Hindi, Arabic, Turkish
DJSiavashGermany12Germany ,Cologne area2013-07-16Afghan, RnB, House, Latin

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DJ Hamza

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Download - DJ Hamza's MegaMastMix Here!

Download - DJ Hamza's MegaMastHindiMix Here!

Download - DJ Hamza's RnB Mix Here!

Download - GuleBadam ft Polkadotsbeat

Download - DJ Hamza's Latin House Mix!

Download - DJ Hamza's Edward Maya,Inna,Costi, Balkan Mix!!

Download - DJ Hamza's Mega House Mix Summer 2010!!

Download - DJ Hamza's Extreme Dirty House Mix!

Download - DJ Hamza's Afrojack Special Electro House Mix!

Download - DJ Hamza's Persian Mix!

Download - DJ Praze/DJ Hamza Dutchstyle House Mix!

Download - DJ Praze - A Litte Bit Of Latin Flavor

Download - Request Afghan Mast Mix 2011 Jan - Dj Hamza

Emre Sonmez

Rokket XL

DJ Kaal

DJ Wafa

DJ Roshan

DJ Baktash

DJ Omead

DJ Almas


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